I do not know who you are or how you found yourself here. But I imagine that you're completely perplexed. It's been a long time since any have sought us out directly, in knowledge and understanding of this place. And your world hasn't shown signs of knowing us for quite a while now.

So I will assume that you have stumbled across us by some kind of accident, in confusion, and are curious about who we are and what we're doing here. Don't worry. You're more than welcome. You probably won't remember what you see here, what we told you, after you leave. This is sadly necessary. But while you're here, you're perfectly safe and are free to enjoy all the small pleasures we have to offer.

It's beautiful, isn't it? Our empty city. To look too closely, to draw maps, to make it into a real space, is to destroy what holds it together in your mind. Once that starts to happen (and familiarity will make it happen) then you will no longer be able to stay here. This is simply the city protecting itself. You are not like us, and so can not live here permanently. Perhaps one day you will become like us. Perhaps one day you will find the ability to hold on to a dream while retaining its essence. Without analysing, delineating, reducing. Perhaps. Probably not.

But fragments may stay with you, in your dreams. I hope that if you have these dreams, you find them very beautiful.

Now, feel free to explore. I will be here with any questions you might have.